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Welcome to the Bundesliga Manager

Create your team of 15 players and pick your best possible starting line-up for each Matchday. The best manager worldwide will get their hands on the main prize: a trip for five to Germany to the Supercup!

Every player picked can earn your team points as you compete for top spot against fellow managers from around the world. Tweak your team by buying and selling players between Matchdays.

Furthermore, you can create your own private league or join an existing league to test your skills against friends and family. Have fun!

How do I do that?
Click on TRANSFERS to create a squad of 15 players using your available budget.
In MY TEAM, pick 11 players for your starting line-up ahead of each Matchday to compete with other managers.
If you want to test yourself against friends and family, head over to MY LEAGUES to join an existing league or create your own.
In TRANSFERS, make use of the transfer windows between Matchdays to buy and sell players before altering your starting line-up.
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Seasonal prizes of the official Fantasy Bundesliga Manage your team throughout the 34 matchdays to increase your chances of winning one of our seasonal prizes.

Bundesliga ranking

1st place 5 Tickets for the Supercup 2018, travel with train (in Germany) or plane (from outside Germany) to the match including 2 nights stay at a hotel

2nd place A signed jersey from the Bundesliga Champion (Season 2017/2018)

3rd place A Torfabrik match ball

4th place A signed team ball

5th place A signed mini Torfabrik ball

Matchday prices of official Fantasy Bundesliga Each matchday you have the chance to win great prizes. There are 34 chances to secure your place as manager of the matchday.

Bundesliga ranking

1st place A signed jersey of the season 2017/2018 (random selection)

2nd place A signed jersey of the season 2017/2018 (random selection)

3rd place A jersey of the season 2017/2018 (random selection)

4th place A signed mini Torfabrik ball

5th place Club merchandising (Depending on availability)

Info: Rates may differ from the prices in shown as exemplars in photographs. For more details on prizes click here.

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