Is there anything I need to do before I can play the game?
You must read and agree to the Conditions of Participation.

How will I be informed if I win a prize?
All winners will be notified by e-mail to the address which you provided when you signed up.

How much does it cost to play game?
It is completely free to play. However, if you are a prize winner, you shall be responsible for any and all expenses, costs and fees (including any relevant taxes) associated with such a prize (including, to the extent applicable, transportation, acceptance and use thereof) and which are not expressly stipulated within the prize description. Upon fulfilling the prize, DFL will be deemed to have awarded the prize to the winner and such winner assumes full responsibility for the prize. All prize details are at DFL's sole discretion.

What happens if a match is suspended and I have players from those teams?
If a match is rescheduled, the players of those teams will receive an average score depending on the position, which will be only applied exclusively to players of the teams who are affected with the change of game day.

Do player values fluctuate?

Performance Player pricing will fluctuate based on the performance of each player compared to other players of the same position.

Starting with week 1, an average score for each position will be determined each week for all players that played at least 70 minutes in a match.

An individual player’s points above or below the position average will determine the player’s price change for the week.

Price increase:

  • 400,000 - 10 or more points above the position average
  • 300,000 - 6 to 9 points above the position average
  • 200,000 - 3 to 5 points above the position average
  • No Change - 0 to 2 points above the position average

Price decreases:

  • No Change - 0 to 2 points below the position average
  • 200,000 - 3 to 5 points below the position average
  • 300,000 - 6 to 8 points below the position average
  • 400,000 - 10 or more points below the position average

Other factors:

  • - 100,000 for any player not playing during the match day
  • - 100,000 for any player receiving a red card independent of minutes played
  • Player value cannot drop below 1,000,000
  • Player value is determined after all the matches of the week have been played

Is there a deadline for changing my line-up for the current round?
You can change players of your line-up of the current round as long as their team’s match of the current round has not started yet.

When can I sell/buy players via the transfer market?
The transfer market is open during the rest days of the Bundesliga.

How many players can I buy/sell during the tournament?
You can replace players as long as you have available "transfers", all squad conditions are met and you have the required money. You have 3 transfers available per match day.

How do I see how many points my players have?
Go to “My Team” to see how many points you have scored. Player scores are updated frequently during the live matches of the Bundesliga.

Why is my league not shown in the league rankings?
Leagues are shown in the league rankings if they have at least five members.

How are the league scores calculated?
For every fifth group member, the worst result on each Matchday will not be counted. An average will then be calculated and the Matchday score added to the total score. Only the points of the participants who were already members on the respective Matchday (not the calendar day) are taken into account.

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