1. Building your squad

Squad Size
In order to play, put together a Fantasy team of 15 players made up of:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

Creating the perfect squad of the best players in the Bundesliga takes a lot of research, knowledge and expertise. You are given a starting budget of 150 million to put together your Fantasy team of 15 players.

Player selection
You can only pick players currently in the Bundesliga. Your team earns points based on Bundesliga match statistics. Compete against your friends and top your league as the best Fantasy Manager.

Participation after Matchday 1
You can join Fantasy Manager at any time throughout the campaign, including after the season has started. However, you will not receive any points for any matchdays you missed.

Scoring rules
Click here for information about the scoring rules.

2. Managing your team
Once you have finished selecting your 15 squad members, you can place your starting 11 on the pitch. Players can only be placed in their designated position: for example, a midfielder cannot be put in defence or as a forward.

Formation and Top 11 mode
Choose a formation (for example, 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3) before kick-off of the first game on any given matchday and put 11 players on your pitch. After the matchday, the points earned by the highest-scoring 11 players in your squad will automatically be counted, meaning players on your bench can still contribute to your matchday points tally. This feature is obligatory for all Fantasy managers from the 2023/24 season onwards. As such, no changes need to be made to your line-up on the matchdays themselves. It is important to note that your selected formation can no longer be changed once the matchday has started.

Star players
Before the start of a given matchday, you can choose a star player in defence, midfield and in attack. The points earned by these players will be multiplied by 1.5 to boost their score, meaning they could prove decisive throughout the season. Star players can only be selected if they are in your starting line-up. You can no longer change your star players once the matchday has started. If a star player’s score (already multiplied by 1.5) does not place him in your top 11 on a given matchday, he will still be automatically substituted out, without the star passing to another player.

Automatic saving
Your line-up and any changes made to it are automatically saved. There is no separate ‘save’ button.

Players are assigned a fixed Fantasy position for the entire season. The position they play in an actual Bundesliga match is not relevant in terms of Fantasy scoring. Fantasy points will be calculated based upon a player’s fixed fantasy position.

Players not in your starting line-up are placed on your bench but can still earn your team points in accordance with the rules outlined above.

You have unlimited transfers before the Bundesliga season begins. Once the season has started, you can make a maximum of five transfers between matchdays.

Players on sale

Up to 18 players may appear on sale in the transfer market for each matchday. Players are selected by the editorial team.

On-sale period:

  • Unlimited until the start of the season
  • During the season, from Mondays at noon CET until the end of the next matchday. Where there are midweek Bundesliga fixtures, the sale will start on Thursdays at noon CET until the end of the next matchday.

Discount value for players on sale:
  • The price of players on sale is reduced by 10% of their original value in the transfer market.

Transfer window
The transfer market is open between matchdays until shortly before the next matchday kicks off. No transfers can be made during matchdays.

If you don’t make any changes to your team, your current team will continue to score points for you.

Price changes
Player pricing will fluctuate based on the performance of each player compared to other players of the same position.

From Matchday 1 onwards, an average score for each position will be determined each week for all players.

An individual player’s points above or below the position average will determine the player’s price change for the week, as long as the player played at least 70 minutes.

Price increase:
  • 400,000 - 10 or more points above the position average
  • 300,000 - 6 to 9 points above the position average
  • 200,000 - 3 to 5 points above the position average
  • No Change - 0 to 2 points above the position average
  • 300,000 - winning the official Player of the Month award

    Price decreases:
  • No Change - 0 to 2 points below the position average
  • 200,000 - 3 to 5 points below the position average
  • 300,000 - 6 to 9 points below the position average
  • 400,000 - 10 or more points below the position average

    Other factors:
  • -100,000 for any player not playing during the match day
  • -100,000 for any player receiving a red card independent of minutes played
  • A Player's value cannot drop below 1,000,000
  • Calculations will be made after all fixtures in a matchday have been completed.

    Weekly scoring calculation
    Once a matchday is over and points have been finalised, you will be able to see the points tally for that particular round.

  • 3. Leagues

    Every manager goes into the overall league and the league of his favourite Bundesliga team, but it's much more fun to take on your friends and colleagues in a mini-league. There is no limit to the number of mini-leagues you can join.

    Under ‘My Leagues’ participants can create or join leagues.

    Public leagues
    You can join public leagues that are open to all participants at any time without needing a password.

    Private leagues
    You can also create private leagues where you can determine who joins by setting a password for access.

    League competition
    At least five members are required for a league to be counted in the ranking list. Only the points of participants who were already members on the respective matchday (not the calendar day) are taken into account. For every fifth group member, the worst result on each matchday will not be counted; for every 10th member, the worst two results will not be counted, and so forth. An average will then be calculated (and rounded off) and the matchday score added to the total score.

    Head-to-head mode
    As well as the normal league format, you also have the option to have a league with your friends in head-to-head mode. A minimum of four players is required. You will then go up against one of your fellow competitors each matchday. The manager with the most points that matchday will earn three points. The loser will receive none. Should the two teams finish with the same number of points, then each manager will receive one point for the league table. You can determine beforehand whether you want your head-to-head competition to be in the form of a league, a league that then goes into a knockout format, or a straight knockout competition. In the league system, the resulting points from each headto-head match are added directly to the table. In the knockout system, the losers of each head-to-head (you can also choose to play over two legs) are eliminated. In the event that both managers finish a knockout round with the same number of points, then the winner will be determined by the following criteria: 1) Total Fantasy points earned over the respective matchdays, 2) Combined points of star players over the respective matchdays, 3) Value of squads, 4) Drawing of lots

    The important thing is that you do not need a new Fantasy squad for head-to-head mode but use your normal pre-existing team. You can also determine beforehand from which matchday, for how long and with how many participants you play your head-to-head mode. If you are unable to fill all slots, then there will be byes in which one participant in the league automatically wins or advances to the next round of the knockout.

    Scoring rules/Explanation

    (1) Additional/Injury time in a match does not count towards a player's playing time

    (2) Actions occurring in extra-time count towards player points.

    (3) An assist is awarded to a player who plays the final successful pass which leads to a goal. Please note that assists are not awarded to players who are fouled for free-kicks or penalties which lead to goals, for own goals or for goals which result from rebounds off other players or the frame of the goal.

    (4) A pass to a shot is awarded to a player who plays the final successful pass of an attempt which does not lead to a goal.

    (5) Clean sheet points will only be awarded to a player if the following two conditions are met: (1) their team doesn't concede a goal in the entire match and (2) the player plays more than 61 minutes of the match.

    (6) The winning goal of the game was scored by the player who turned a draw into a victory for his team last time.

    (7) After a sending-off the affected player is out of the scoring for the rest of the match. The previously received points remain.

    (8) Your star players, which you can change for each round, will score 1,5x the points. If you fail to select your star players you will not get any extra points.

    (9) If a match is postponed or abandoned, all players involved will receive their respective average points for this game. This is calculated from the player's total points divided by their number of appearances. The final number will be rounded up to a full number if required. If these players have star player status, this average score is multiplied by 1.5

    Please note that scores may be updated as and when official match reports are processed and/or corrected. No further updates will be made to the data after midnight (local time).

    Technical realization: Neopoly GmbH

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