1. Selecting your initial squad

Squad Size
To join the game, select a fantasy soccer team of 15 players, consisting of:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

Putting together a squad from the best Bundesliga players takes skill, research, and shrewness. As a fantasy manager you start with a 150 million budget to build your 15-player fantasy team.

Selecting Players
You can only select players from any given Bundesliga club. Based upon each player’s real Bundesliga match stats you earn points and can compete against your friends for the right to be called the best fantasy manager.

Joining After Week 1
You can still join the game after the tournament has started, but you will not score any points for past rounds that you have missed.

Scoring rules
Check out the scoring table here to get all the details on how your team scores points.

2. Managing your team

After your squad is complete, you must select 11 players for your starting line-up. It’s one squad per manager. Multiple squads will be deleted.

Choosing your starting 11
From your 15 player squad, select 11 players to form your starting line-up on the My Team page. Only starting players will earn points for your team.

Players will be assigned a designated position for the duration of the fantasy game. The position they play in an actual Bundesliga match is not relevant to the fantasy scoring. Fantasy points will be calculated based upon a player’s fixed fantasy position.

One player from each position is on your bench and can be substituted for in accordance with the substitution policy described below.

The transfer of players is unlimited prior to the start of the season. Once the season starts, transfers are limited to 5 for the time in between two matchdays. Keep on the lookout for wild card week(s) when you will be able to transfer more players in and out of your squad.

Transfer window
You can modify your squad throughout the season in the transfer market. The transfer market is opened during the rest days of the Bundesliga. You cannot transfer players during the match weekends.

If you don’t make any changes to your team, the current team will continue to score points for you.

Auto-save starting XI
Please note that your team and any changes you make will save automatically. There is no save button.

Player pricing will fluctuate based on the performance of each player compared to other players of the same position. Starting with week 1, an average score for each position will be determined each week for all players. An individual player’s points above or below the position average will determine the player’s price change for the week if the player played at least 70 minutes.

Price increase:
400,000 - 10 or more points above the position average
300,000 - 6 to 9 points above the position average
200,000 - 3 to 5 points above the position average
No Change - 0 to 2 points above the position average
300,000 - winning the official Player of the Month award
100,000 - winner of an "in-form card" in the official "Team of the Week" of our official license partner of the Bundesliga EA SPORTS

Price decreases:
No Change - 0 to 2 points below the position average
200,000 - 3 to 5 points below the position average
300,000 - 6 to 9 points below the position average
400,000 - 10 or more points below the position average

Other factors:
-100,000 for any player not playing during the match day -100,000 for any player receiving a red card independent of minutes played Player value can not drop below 1,000,000 Player value is determined after all the matches of the week have been played.

Manager substitutions
As a manager you can substitute players at any time. If you remove a player that has already played during a matchday you will lose his points and you will not be able to put him on the field during that match day. However, you can change your star players with players from your line-up as long as their club is yet to play.

Weekly scoring calculation
Once a round is over and points have been finalized (points will be finalized a few minutes after a round is completed), select the round. You can then see the points tally for that particular round.

3. Leagues

Every manager goes into the overall league and in the league of his favourite Bundesliga team, but it's much more fun to take on your friends and colleagues in a mini-league. There is no limit to the number of mini-leagues you can join.

Public leagues
You can create public leagues where anyone can join.

Private leagues
You can also create private leagues where you can determine who joins by setting a password for access. Simply go to My Leagues to join or create a league. Please note that the official prizes do not apply to public or private leagues created by users.

League Competition
At least five members are needed to form a league so that the league appears in the rankings. Only the points of the participants who were already members on the respective Matchday (not the calendar day) are taken into account. For every fifth group member, the worst result on each Matchday will not be counted. An average will then be calculated and the Matchday score added to the total score.

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